Moving Services FAQ

What’s included in your moving services?

When you choose Movable as your moving company, you get a completely customized experience. In other words, we’ll provide as little or as much assistance and/or materials as you need. This includes residential or commercial, loading and unloading services, as well as delivery. We’ll come prepared with dollies, hand trucks, professional moving blankets, straps, shrink wrap, and wardrobe boxes. (Note:  wardrobe boxes must be requested in advance.)

If needed, our professional movers can also provide you with furniture assembly/disassembly, as well as appliance disconnection/reconnection. Whatever services your move requires though, you can rest assured that everything’s included in our price, and there will be no “surprise” or hidden fees at the end.

At Movable, we’re here to move on your terms. Contact us today for a free estimate, and find out how enjoyable your next moving experience can be.

What is the typical cost of a move?

Because needs vary by customer, the total cost of your move can as well. When you contact Movable for an estimate, we’ll try to be as accurate as possible, and will take into consideration two primary sets of information.

First, we’ll need to know the answers to the following:

  • Type of Dwelling (e.g. single family, semi-detached, apartment, etc.) – The reason this is a factor is because each type of dwelling may present unique access advantages/disadvantages. For instance, an apartment move may require additional time to go up and down elevators, traverse narrow hallways, etc.
  • Dwelling Square Footage – The larger the dwelling, the more furniture it will likely contain, resulting in more time to move.
  • Overall Distance – Where will your items need to be taken? Will you need unloading services once there?

Next, the answers to the above questions will help us determine:

  1. The number of professional movers you’ll need.
  2. The amount of time it will take us to remove the items from your dwelling, and to place them in the moving truck.
  3. How long it will take us to drive from your previous home to your new home.
  4. How long it will take us to unload your belongings into your new dwelling.

What does Movable include in every move?

Regardless of your specific needs, Movable provides the following for each and every move we perform:

  • Moving on your terms. We’ll provide as little or as much assistance as you need.
  • Professional, clean moving staff, each of whom has undergone an extensive background check.
  • Clean, reliable moving trucks.
  • Everything needed to pack and transport your belongings, including dollies, hand trucks, professional moving blankets, straps, shrink wrap, and tape.
  • Run Runners in order to preserve you expensive carpet/hardwood.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your belongings are well taken care of.
  • No hidden fees ever.
  • A passion for exceeding your expectations. Customer service is always our top priority

How many movers do I need (2 or 3)?

If you already have your own 16-20 foot truck, two movers should suffice. If your truck is over 20 feet, we would strongly recommend three movers in order to maximize time efficiency, and therefore your overall costs.

If you need full-service moving (e.g. a truck as well as movers), we’ve found the following to typically be accurate:

  • Studio to 2-bedroom = 2 movers
  • 3-bedroom to 10-bedroom = 3 movers

Can I keep moving costs down by having a family member or friend help with the move?

At Movable, we fully understand your desire to maximize efficiency, and minimize your overall costs. With this said, there are a couple distinct disadvantages to having friends or family members actively help during the moving process:

  1. Lack of experience – Movable’s professional moving team is specifically trained to carry heavy loads and carefully navigate throughout your home. This ultimately minimizes (or eliminates) damage to your belongings, as well as to your home’s interior.
  2. Lack of insurance coverage – In the event some of your belongings are damaged, most homeowner’s insurance carriers will not pay to replace them if damaged by someone other than a moving professional.

Instead, it’s often best to let the professionals at Movable do what they do best: Move your items with all the care they deserve. Meanwhile, your wonderful friends and family can help pack items into boxes, watch your children, or a wide variety of other things.

Which areas do you cover?

We are a full-service moving company that serves most areas of Puget Sound, including Seattle, Queen Anne, Capitol HIll, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Federal Way, Tacoma, and as far north as Mill Creek and Lynnwood.

What happens if you break something?

Movable’s personnel take the utmost care in making sure your personal belongings remain safe and secure throughout the moving process. However, sometimes things occur beyond anyone’s control, and an item arrives broken or damaged.

In an instance like this, we provide two types of insurance options, which will need to be chosen prior to your move: Basic Value Protection (based on weight), and Replacement Cost Coverage (based on value). Please see our Insurance page for a detailed explanation of these coverages.

Will there be any unexpected moving costs?

When you speak with one of Movable’s professional moving staff, we’ll provide you with an estimate that’s as accurate as possible. With this in mind, it’s beneficial for everyone involved if you are as upfront as possible with us prior to your moving day. This includes letting us know everything that needs to be moved (including appliances and/or furniture disassembly), special precautions, hazardous/breakable items, and so forth.

Can I hire Movable for a partial move only?

Keeping in mind that our professional moving staff has a one-hour minimum, we’ll be happy to complete as much of your move as we can during that time. If we expect that this will not be adequate time to complete your move, we’ll typically focus on belongings that are big and heavy, such as couches and sofas, desks, wardrobes, and drawers.

Will Movable pack my items in boxes?

At Movable, we’re focused on providing you with the exact moving services you require. Whether this includes only removing your belongings from your home and placing them in our moving truck, or carefully packing each and every one of your belongings, we’re here to serve.

What happens if I need appliances moved or furniture assembled?

Just let us know! Moveable’s highly trained movers can disconnect your appliances (e.g. dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc.) prior to moving, and can reconnect them at their final destination. In addition, we’ll carefully disassemble and reassemble any furniture you need as well. Please let us know if you need help with your appliances and/or furniture assembly, and we’ll be sure to include this as part of your estimate.

Will Movable professionals clean my home once they’re finished?

Our moving professionals pick up after themselves and clean up any general clutter left behind. If you require a more in-depth cleaning, please let us know and we’ll be happy to include it with your free estimate.

When is the best time to book my move?

Here at Movable, we try to remain as flexible as possible in order to accommodate each of our customers’ needs, and should be able to get you moved with minimal notice. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the first and last weeks of each month, as well as most weekends, are typically the busiest.

If you run into a moving emergency, Movable has same day and evening service available. In total, we have three crews available around the clock in order to accommodate even the most demanding moves.

Under ideal circumstances, though, we would recommend booking your move at least 2-3 weeks in advance.


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